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Advantages of PTFE Powder Coating

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No matter the industry, protecting your product should be your number one priority. Avoid risk, wear, and tear with the help of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating services. Its versatility alone makes it one of the top choices for powder coating across multiple applications. Here are some reasons our team at Atlas Protective Coatings recommends PTFE coating and its advantages to our clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

PTFE is Low Friction

When selecting a coating material, it’s important to find one that boasts low friction. With PTFE coating, your friction coefficient can be as low as .02. Since the friction coefficient is so low, you can safely apply it on products that require long-term lubrication. The higher the coefficient, the more at-risk products are, long-term.

As a result, it’s common to see PTFE coating used in the automotive industry. Manufacturers can apply this coating to the rubber channels windows pass through during production. A low friction coefficient helps eliminate noise and prevents the glass from sticking during cold weather. 

Heat, Chemical, and Corrosive Resistance

Your coating often acts as the last line of defense. Without it, your products are at constant risk of damage. Because of this, you want to be sure your coating material is up to the task. It is also incredibly heat, chemical, and corrosive resistant; meaning it can hold up in extreme conditions. 

This coating is frequently used in oil and gas industries because of its resistance. In such environments, the coating will be exposed to very high temperatures and exposure to chemicals. Cheaping out on or neglecting the coating you use to protect your product can result in a massive hit to your bottom line due to the damage caused by heat and chemicals. 

PTFE Coating Offers Adhesion

Because of how easily PTFE coating sticks to surfaces, it’s commonplace in the engineering industry. This is because the engineering industry requires coating material that is versatile and easily applicable to different surfaces. If versatility and adhesion are what you’re looking for, PTFE coating is the choice for you. 

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