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Protective Coatings for Texas Weather

Protective coatings for lawn and patio furniture.

When it comes to Texas weather, there’s only one thing you can expect: the unexpected. One minute there’s not a cloud in sight; the next, it’s storming and hailing. To combat this, you need protective coatings to safeguard the items that are important for you. So if you are looking to add protective coatings to your outdoor items and keep them safe from the Texas weather, our team at Atlas Protective Coatings is here to help! 

Protective Powder Coating

Protective powder coating can be used for commercial and residential purposes. When a powder coat is applied, it produces a tough and durable finish, resistant to scuffs, scrapes, and impacts that can damage ordinary paint. To begin, an electrostatic application of pigments and resin is applied to a metal or conductive surface. It is then cured under high heat. The benefits of using a powder coating are the value, life, and beauty of your items will be increased while future maintenance costs decrease. 

Protective Coatings for Lawn & Patio Furniture

APC Patio Perfect is a division of Atlas Protective Coatings specializing in protecting your patio furniture and other metal outdoor fixtures from the elements with a brand new finish. We all like spending time outside on the patio, whether it’s with our friends, grilling with the family, or just having a good time in the summer heat by the pool. With Atlas protective coating services, we can ensure your lawn furniture is protected year-round with a custom color of your choosing. 

If you find yourself sanding and painting your old lawn furniture year after year, APC Patio Perfect may be right for you. We guarantee a longer-lasting finish that will save you time and money for the desired results of bringing your old furniture back to life.

A few of the items we can offer our powder coating services for include:

  • Gates
  • Fencing
  • Planters
  • Barstools
  • Lawn chairs
  • Lawn tables
  • Lawn equipment
  • Chaise lounges 

Protecting your outdoor furniture from the harsh Texas weather is crucial for keeping them in the long run. Extreme heat can cause paint to fade, while cold and wet conditions can leave your outdoor items looking dingy, old, and rusty. Ultimately, powder coating your patio items can be cheaper than having to paint or replace your furniture every year. 

We also offer sling replacement for chairs and loungers, should you want a new look at your old furniture. With a powder coating and new slings, you can update the screws, nuts, and bolts and have a brand new-looking set for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Commercial Coating Services

At Atlas Protective Coatings, we want to help you save money and keep your commercial outdoor items looking their best. We promise to work with you every step of the process to ensure your needs are met and your customers are happy with your updated equipment and products – no matter the weather.

 A few of the commercial services we offer:

  • Powder coating
  • PTFE coating services
  • Industrial painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Custom color-matching
  • Hi-temp coatings

Call Us For Your Protective Coating Needs

If you are looking into getting protective coating for your items, either industrial or residential, in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, we’re ready to help! Our team at Atlas Protective Coatings offers a wide range of coating services for multiple applications. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with all your powder coating needs.