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The PTFE Coating Process

PTFE Coating Process

Powder coating your products and equipment can be a paramount part of managing a business. Unfortunately, too many owners and managers overlook the importance of protective coating. Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE coating, can help you save money on wear and tear.

What is a PTFE Coating?

Commonly referred to by brand names such as Teflon and Xylan, PTFE delivers some major benefits that make it one of the most sought-after coating choices across many industries. As a non-stick substance, PTFE coating can be a versatile fit for almost any type of product or equipment. 

PTFE coating is chemical resistant, which is helpful when dealing with the complexity of chemical reactions with certain coating materials. It is also still effective at temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. While PTFE is heat resistant, it is also very resistant to cold temperatures; speaking to its versatility as a coating material. 

What is PTFE Used For?

In today’s world, you’re likely already using items with PTFE coating without even realizing it. Pots, pans, baking sheets, and other cookware is typically coated with PTFE coating. This is because of the non-stick properties PTFE provides. 

However, its non-stick properties are exactly why it’s popular with lawn furniture, automotive-related products, and industrial products. Other industries value its non-stick properties because it makes it easier to slide and move products around without a build-up of friction. 

Preparing Equipment for the PTFE Coating Process

Before applying PTFE coating, we have to prepare the equipment to ensure the coating goes on properly. This is a very vital step of the process. Without proper preparation, the coating may not be applied properly, which will then diminish the benefits of PTFE coating. 

Every part and piece of the equipment needs to be blast-cleaned in order to prepare for the coating process. After blast cleaning, the surface is prepared. This is when the coating process begins. 


This process can be rather easy and quick. In a simple spray system, the coating is fed into a spray gun, which then regulates the expulsion of the fluid into a smooth and steady stream. The liquid is forced into small droplets similar to how a can of spray paint operates. 

Small droplets help ensure an even coating and a smooth finish. This is the easiest and most efficient system when it comes to applying PTFE coating. Another benefit of the spray gun is that it can be used for awkwardly-shaped objects while requiring less specialist equipment. 

Post Coating

After PTFE coatings have been applied, the item is oven-baked and dried out.

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