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PTFE Coating Quotes & Consultation

PTFE Coating Quotes

PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene coating, is considered a standard across many industries and applications. Even some of the most demanding fields, such as the aerospace industry, often rely on PTFE coating to keep their equipment protected. Our team here at Atlas Protective Coatings provides quality PTFE coating services to businesses in the Dallas, Texas area. 


What Makes PTFE The Right Choice?

As one of the most cost-efficient fluoropolymers on the market, PTFE has made its place as a durable material with a wide range of uses. Its water-resistant and non-stick properties help PTFE coatings stand out from other types of protective coatings like epoxy, alkyd, and polyurethane.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of PTFE coating is its flexibility. The catalyst behind that flexibility is the material’s chemical resistance. In fact, it’s the most chemically resistant polymer on the market. This means you can apply PTFE coating without worrying about adverse chemical reactions, which can be very important depending on the industry.

Due to the highly symmetric structure of the macromolecules that make up PTFE, it also has a low dielectric constant, meaning it has excellent electrical properties. This is why it’s common to see PTFE coating material in the electrical, electronic, and construction industries. 


Where is PTFE Used?

Developing a better understanding of the specific uses of this material can help you determine whether or not it fits your needs. Below are some industries that use PTFE and some examples of what they use the material for.

  • Automotive: PTFE works well with power steering, transmissions, and shaft seals.
  • Engineering: The material is commonly used for pipes, fittings, and valves.
  • Hospitals: Used for cardiovascular grafts and heart patches.
  • Chemical: As the most chemically resistant polymer, PTFE is a viable option for heat exchangers, pumps, and autoclaves.

The possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to PTFE. If you have questions about our possible applications, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


PTFE Coating Quotes and Services

Coating equipment can be a challenging task. It requires training, experience, and expensive equipment not readily available to those outside of the industry. That’s why expert help is important. Our team at Atlas Protective Coatings has the knowledge and expertise required to ensure a proper coating job is done. 

When you contact us, we can provide you with a free quote and consultation to ensure your requirements are always met. We’ll work with you every step of the way to help you get the most out of your equipment. Call our office for more information on how Atlas Protective Coatings can help get you started.