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PTFE Coating

PTFE Coating

What Is PTFE Coating?

PTFE coating (ex. Teflon, Xylan) is an abrasive resistant coating known for its toughness and is designed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, while also contributing to friction control. This heat and war resistant coating is perfect for protecting your items from a variety of corrosive activities. Much like our other coatings, PTFE will help extend the maximum lifespan of your products. PTFE Coating is an excellent option for your toughest metal surface needs.

Teflon (PTFE) Protective Coating Services
PTFE Coating Services

Properties of PTFE Coatings?

  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Resist temperatures from -410 F to 550 F
  • Non-Stick coat
  • Resistant to harsh chemical environments
  • Creates easy to clean surface
  • Thickness between .001 inches and .003 inches
  • Water absorption < .01

Who can use a PTFE Coat?

This is a versatile coat that can be used for nearly all jobs. From decorative to industrial projects, various industries prefer the PTFE coat for their products. These industries include, but are not limited to aerospace, oil and gas, commercial bakeries, medical materials, chemical handling, electronics, firearms, and construction equipment. Contact us for more information on PTFE coating and if it’s the right coat for you.