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3 Things You Should Know About Powder Coating

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Atlas Protective Coating is proud to offer powder coating services all over Texas. Powder Coating is a type of dry coating that is often used to finish industrial equipment. It is also utilized for things around the home, such as lawn furniture, tables, fencing, and most metal surfaces. You should know a few things about powder coating before deciding if it is right for you.

1. How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating is made up of several elements. This includes resin, curing agents, additives, pigments extenders, and flow modifiers. All of these elements are needed to protect the surface and give it a finished and polished look.

Unlike paint (which uses adhesive), powder coatings need an electric charge to work. As the powder is ionized, it attracts to the surface and is cured around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it hardens. This chemical process is what gives powder coating its strength and durability. 

When it has cured, the bond is solidified and allows more layers to be added to increase the thickness of the finish. An increase in thickness gives your surface more protection and a longer-lasting coating.

2. Durability & Longevity

When it comes to durability, powder coatings have you covered on almost any surface. Once the chemical bond has taken place and the coating has attached to the surface, it protects better than paint. Best of all, powder coatings can be used on machinery and household items that you want to be protected. It can also hold up to moisture and chemicals, and in extreme weather conditions. It can resist corrosion and other signs of wear and tear, such as abrasions, scratches, and chips in the coating.

The lifespan of powder coating depends on several factors, including the type used, the preparation used, and the surface environment. Most powder coats last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. However, if the items are in outdoor environments or exposed to UV lights, the coat can break down faster. The different coatings also have different lifespans, so it is crucial to ensure the proper type of coating is applied to your surface to give it the most extended lifespan.

3. Powder Coating’s Many Advantages

Powder coatings are one of the most cost-effective and durable finishes you can use, and best of all, it is also environmentally friendly. The powder is reusable and recyclable, and it can also be reshaped when needed. There is also less waste with this type of finish. When using paints, you often have overspray and can waste up to 70% of the product with powder; the waste is 5% or less. Powder coatings also do not require solvents and release very little VOCs into the environment.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also safe to use. While you still have to wear the proper safety equipment, the health risks are minimal compared to other options such as paint.

Not only does powder coatings give your surface a polished look, but it also repels moisture, chemicals, and other harmful materials. It is easy to clean and keeps your surfaces looking neat and clean. 

Finally, while the upfront investment can seem kind of steep, the money you save over time by having your items powder coatings is lower than most finishes. It requires fewer materials, and with little to no waste, it just makes sense to use a powder coating over paint.

For All Your Powder Coating Questions

Powder coating is an excellent choice for many industrial businesses and homeowners. It can be used on various surfaces and materials, and when you combine that with the durability, lifespan, and other advantages we listed, it makes sense. 

If you have any other questions about powder coating and if it can be used on your surfaces, give us a call. The team at Atlas Protective coatings would be happy to help you. We can be reached in the office or on our website.